Payroll Services

The preparation of a payroll is a sensitive issue

The periodical preparation is time-critical at a high level. Due to numerous legal provisions a high level of knowledge is needed to calculate wage taxes and social security contributions correctly. In most cases, small and mid-sized companies are overstrained with this or need to establish an expensive payroll department.
Therefore, in most cases it makes sense to outsource the payroll preparation to an expert.

Payroll services in general include

  • Preparation of pay slips and declarations for tax office, social security companies and other authorities
  • Preparation of pay accounts
  • Preparation of various certifications
  • Consulting in sophisticated issues, i.e. pension plans, tax free allowances, benefit in kinds
  • Personnel planning and calculation of personnel costs
  • Assistance at tax audits and social security audits

Beside these services we can be of help for employees choosing a beneficial tax class and for questions regarding their pay slips.

Based on many years of experience in international assignment solutions we can provide help with payrolls for assigned employees and with special issues like net to gross calculations, foreign social security contributions, salary split etc.

Why does a slight tax increase cost you two hundred dollars
and a substantial tax cut save you thirty cent?

Peg Bracken