Setting-up Business

The step into self-employment is combined with numerous questions, numerous forms and (yet) unknown demands.
For every question, a series of answers is possible depending on the individual situation and the goals of the self-employer.

Self employers need to consider various things before opening their business. Self-confidence, optimism and good ideas are unfortunately not sufficient.

To be of help when setting up a business we can offer the following services

  • Profit and cash flow planning; cost and sales analysis, capital needs and investment planning
  • Return on investment calculations, business concepts
  • Advice on government and investment subsidies
  • Choice of legal structure (from business management and tax view)
  • Communication with authorities and banks
  • Follow-up regulations when transferring business from profit tax, gift tax or inheritance tax point of view
  • Overview and analysis of financial alternatives, joining in loan negotiations
  • Choice of location considering the given conditions
  • Advice on provision for one’s old age
  • Procure of necessary licenses and other information/ consulting on real estate investments

There is no substitute for accurate knowledge. Know yourself, know
your business, know your men.

Randall Jacobs